The Fundamental Equation

The evolving healthcare industry is fostering a new class of leaders whose business decisions rest on proof and process. They demand deeper and more relevant analytics to address physician economic challenges. As a consulting firm, Equation provides the analytical support that allows these executives to make empirically based business decisions.

Equation uses data to drive unbiased, concrete conclusions. Its scientific approach leverages a proprietary data-driven methodology to improve physician economics within hospital, private, or academic settings.

With a suite of analytical tools and proven operational success, Equation provides clarity, direction and measurable results where ambiguity typically thrives.

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Hospital Practice

Hospitals are increasingly focused on improving their physician economics. Whether the challenge is in identifying performance gaps and financial opportunities, improving reimbursement rates or mitigating compliance issues, Equation helps hospital executives make better business decisions about their physician enterprises.

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Private Practice

It’s a balancing act. For private practice physicians, the challenge is in delivering quality care while building a business. Through objective and proven data-driven methodologies, Equation’s tools and services help improve economic performance and allow private practices to focus on what they do best—caring for patients.

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Academic Practice

Academic practice plans continually look for ways to support the mission of providing outstanding clinical care, innovating through research and teaching the latest procedures and techniques. Equation’s tools take the subjectivity out of managerial and contracting decisions by providing practice leaders with accurate information at any level of the organization.

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