A10 Spread

Calculate Performance Gaps.

A10 Spread – Practice Loss and Opportunity

The A10 Spread is the healthcare industry’s only method for calculating performance gaps across all 10 economic drivers of physician practice in one tool. The process is based on gathering physician practice billing, payroll and financial data. Equation applies proprietary algorithms and industry benchmarks to the data, resulting in the calculated gaps.

A10 – Management Action Plan

With the gaps from the A10 Spread calculated, Equation works with the client on the A10 MAP (Management Action Plan) to identify:

  1. Losses due to strategy
  2. Losses offset with hospital revenue
  3. Losses that are actual opportunities for operational improvement

The A10 MAP outlines the path for harvesting these revenue opportunities. An opportunity matrix then spreads every dollar of the physician enterprise loss across the A10 factors by practice. Every dollar on the A10 opportunity matrix is supported with specific tasks and objectives at the practice or system level. Progress is tracked within the A10 MAP.