About Us

What Makes Us Tick.


Equation provides sophisticated, proprietary analytical tools along with proven operations service solutions to address physician economics. Its unique scientific approach to improving medical practice performance has helped hundreds of organizations seeking an empirically based solution. It is the reason why Equation’s average annual growth rate tops 34 percent. With corporate offices in Layton, UT and satellite offices in Los Angeles, CA, and Nashville, TN.

Equation consists of three divisions:

Equation Analytics

Healthcare leaders and managers require accurate, digestible information to make sound business decisions. For that reason, analytics serves the foundation and core of Equation. Using proprietary data-driven methodologies and innovative, unbiased processes, Equation is able to uncover the economic realities of physician economics whether in hospital, private or academic practice settings.

Equation Operational Consulting and Interim Management

Seasoned operations consultants utilize Equation’s proprietary analytic tools to identify gaps and opportunities. The consultants then develop and implement proven solutions designed to improve medical practice performance.

In the absence of full time managers or administrators, medical practices struggle with sustaining much less improving economic performance. Equation provides highly seasoned professionals with proven leadership skills and armed with analytical tools to manage the practice through difficult operational periods.

Equation Business Intelligence Platform

The DataRiver platform is hosted by us and sold as a service to our clients so that decision support, business intelligence, and management can finally get value from their business intelligence investment. Our platform references all that we have learned over thirty years of consulting. It provides charts, reports, dashboards, answers, and even questions you should be asking all with a focus on healthcare economics. They key to making a good decision is having good business intelligence.

Equation Expertise

Practice Management

  • Loss and opportunity assessments
  • Management action plans
  • Operations improvement
  • Productivity analysis
  • Acquisition planning
  • Practice start-up planning and implementation
  • Income distribution planning
  • New physician projections
  • Compensation planning
  • Compensation benchmarking
  • Compensation modeling
  • ROI strategy
  • Interim management
  • Strategic planning models
  • Service line analyses
  • Ancilliary service modeling

Revenue Management

  • Revenue cycle assessment and improvement
  • Rates evaluations
  • Rates negotiations
  • Payer mix assessments
  • Service line analysis

Contract Management

  • Employment contract review
  • Non-emplyed contract review
  • Service agreement payments review
  • Call/coverage payment analysis
  • Contract compliance models

Compliance Assurance

  • Fair market value analysis
  • Provider-based practice assessment
  • Rural health clinic assessment

Business Intelligence

  • Real-time decision support
  • Integrated service line cost accounting

Hospital/Physician Alignment

  • Staffing plans
  • Downstream analysis
  • Uncompensated care payment allocation